I’m a curious, Creative Designer based in Antwerp, Belgium.

When not drawing, I the silence of the night, the purrs of cats and the thrill of horror movies.

About me

I am Stephanie Willekens and I make cool stuff on paper and online. Translating stories and ideas into minimal designs with a playful touch is exciting!


  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Character Design
  • Responsive Webapplication Design
  • Motion Design


  • Marketing degree
  • Interactive Multimedia Design degree
  • Practice Enterprise Designosource
  • Internship MaesMedia

My work

Star Wars flat design 9 characters

May the 4th be with you!

During my internship at MaesMedia I was given the opportunity to create social media content for their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. As a Star Wars fan, I know that the 4th of May is a holy day! Therefore I created an illustration of nine cool Star Wars characters in flat design style. I had so much fun making these! Do. Or do not. There is no try!

Marketing Academie homepage screen

Marketing Academie

During my internship at MaesMedia I worked closely together with developer Maarten Van Goubergen on this project. Marketing Academie is a side project of MaesMedia. The purpose of this project was to offer people online and offline Marketing courses. Maarten and I based ourselves on the first designs MaesMedia made. I was responsible for the website designs of all the webpages. I also provided cool animations on the homepage, register and login page.

3 faces of Marketing Campaign

During my internship at MaesMedia I created three characters for a marketing campaign for one of the clients from MaesMedia. The client provided me with three names and a few characteristics. That's how Gustaaf, Juul and Emma were born.

Christmas card

Jolly little Christmas cards

Last Christmas, my mother wanted to surprise our family and friends with some unique Christmas cards. I designed these cute cards and had them printed out. Merry Christmas!

You can do it - Coffee: motivational poster

Motivational posters

During my internship at MaesMedia I created nine motivational posters. People can download these posters on the website of MaesMedia and print them out. Your workspace will never look boring again. This is something I really enjoyed doing!

Website Alles in Twitterland on laptop

Alles in Twitterland

During my Interactive Multimedia Design studies, I was part of the practice enterprise Designosource along with 11 other students. 'Alles in Twitterland' was our first webproject. Luc Colemont and Bart De Clerck, the clients of this project, have written a book called 'Alles in Twitterland'. To support the launch of the book, they asked for a website where people could read more about the book and click on a call-to-action to buy the book. Together with William Verbiest, I made the designs for the website. Yaron Dassonneville and Brent Schuddinck turned our designs into code.

Screenshot of Christmas E-card on tablet

Animated Christmas E-card

During my Interactive Multimedia Design studies, I was part of the practice enterprise Designosource along with 11 other students. Our school, Thomas More, wanted to offer animated e-cards on their website. Students and teachers could send this e-card to their friends and family. I had a lot of fun designing these e-cards! I made the illustrations and I'm very proud of my cute little penguins! Robin Reyns was responsible for the animations and Yaron Dassonneville looked after the back-end code. This was my favourite Designosource project!

3 perspective screens with website consultant

Logo & Website Design for a consultant

During my internship at MaesMedia, this was the first project I started from scratch. The client, a B2C & B2B consultant, asked for a professional and clean logo. I sketched over fifty different ideas and eventually I came up with this. The client was very happy with the logo. I also designed professional business cards. The client also wanted a clean website where he could briefly explain his services. A few days ago, this website went online. I made this design from scratch. Tim, designer at MaesMedia, made a few minor adjustments after my internship had ended.

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